Day 1, Done

Day 1 is at a close, and it was a great day. The basic concept of veganism was generally accepted by my mind, soul, and body, and I managed to comply with my other targets I intend to follow through on every single day this year: going to the gym, meditating for five minutes after waking up in the morning, weighing myself and recording my pulse, and blogging about my experiences.

My day started with lunch at the Birchwood Café with Robyn. I have always loved Birchwood, but I have never until today appreciated it so much for its support of vegans. I ordered the New Years Day breakfast hash, and it was delicious and filling and all I could want from my first vegan meal of my first vegan year.

My first vegan meal. Delicious! Thank you, Birchwood!

Then I got to visit Judy, say hi, and play some Phase 10 with her, Allegra, and Robyn. (I won!) I brought some freeze-dried raspberries to Judy, and she let me try one. They were super light, tart, and delicious, and I look forward to my own adventures in dehydration throughout the year.

After Phase 10, I headed off to help Amy kill a giant fire-breathing spider (from Zelda: Skyward Sword), then back to home to help eat a magnificent noodle and vegetable curry dish with Peter and Lindsay. We also drank the Anchor holiday magnum beer for added deliciousness and intoxication.

And now here I sit with Peter, he playing Skyrim, me on my iPad. My snack tonight is carrots, hemp milk (“tempt” brand – quite good and creamy), and a growler of Flat Earth beer that Peter and I are enjoying. Vegan snacking seems to require a bit more planning, and it doesn’t satisfy my carnal urges as well, but I expect it will leave me feeling better afterward, and over time I will learn to associate that feeling with the snacking. Hooray for change!

Also, I am starting to believe that part of Peter’s escape from veganism will come through Skyrim. This game doesn’t do much to discourage killing animals and eating their flesh, raw or otherwise. Though I tend to let the cute rabbits, goats, elk, etc roam the country side freely, unharmed, Peter seems to be filling the carnivorous void in his soul with the pelts, chops, and bones of the gentle creatures of Skyrim. Oh well. It takes all sorts to make a [fantasy] world. As it happens, I’m guessing my Skyrim character will probably end up being nearly as vegan as me this year, but if I end up sneaking a bite of wolf chops with some melted troll fat and a side of saber tooth tiger’s milk, at least I won’t feel too guilty.


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