Stage 0: Digestion

Sunday 1 January 2012, 01:36

I have been vegan for 96 minutes. For the first time, it’s personal, it’s real. I saw Allegra enjoy a peanut butter M&M, and I thought “I don’t get to do that anymore” in a very sad, Charlie Brown fashion.

Until now, the impending veganism was alternately exciting and terrifying. Will my hair fall out? Will I be weak and crabby and angry? Or I will thrive, become super human and discover senses that until now were suppressed by the constant influx of animal products? But tonight I wanted what I couldn’t have again for at least a year, and what I may never want again.

I have high hopes for veganism. I hope I learn many interesting things about restricted diets, about other cultures, and about my friends and family. I hope I learn to appreciate cooking, unprocessed foods, and freshness. But most of all, I hope to learn many things about myself.

I’m excited to see my year in diary/journal/blog form – a lá Doogie Howser. I’m excited to reflect and compile information on how I changed over time, physically, mentally, emotionally. Learning is fun!

And so here I am at Phase 0 of my experiment, before the denial has set in, and before the half pound of summer sausage I crammed in my face between 11:57:00 and 11:59:59 on 31 December 2011 has fully digested. I’m ready. Let’s do this.

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